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Diagnostic Imaging

Diagnostic Imaging
Diagnostic Radiographs
Penobscot Veterinary Services has a state of the art Fovea digital radiograph machine that has the ability to take radiographs of all body systems.

Dental Radiographs
Penobscot Veterinary Services has a digital dental radiography system that we use for all dental procedures. This allows us to take full mouth radiographs.

Ultrasound is a non-invasive modern technique that produces a visual imprint of the interior of the body. These imprints can achieve a depth and detail not available by standard X-rays. There are a variety of conditions where ultrasound is considered the most effective means for diagnosis.

Penobscot Veterinary Services can perform radiology exams, which can be used for OFA certification. An OFA hip certification should be done on dogs being bred that are susceptible to hip dysplasia, such as Labradors. The X-rays for an OFA hip certification are performed at age two or older, although a preliminary OFA can be done around one year of age. OFA rates passing hips as Excellent, Good, and Fair. These ratings are spelled out on each certificate and an OFA number is assigned. When purchasing a dog, you should request to see an OFA certification which most reputable breeders will have readily available.

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