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Post-Operation Discharge Information

surgery03If your pet has recently been to see us, or is scheduled to have a procedure done in the future that requires anesthesia, there are some restrictions your pet must follow. Below you will find general surgery and anesthesia instructions about these restrictions. Please know that this is just general information and you will be sent home with instructions at the time of discharge that will be specific to the surgery/procedure your pet has to undergo.

Activity Restrictions: Please take care to restrict your pet's activity after surgery. Typically activity restriction is for a minimum of 10-14 days. During this time, prevent access to steps, climbing and jumping, confine indoors and leash walk only.

Diet Restrictions: Do not give your pet any food or water for two hours after coming home as vomiting may occur due to the anesthetic. Your pet may experience a decrease in appetite for one to two days which is normal. If appetite does not increase, please call us. Typically your pet's diet can be resumed the day following surgery but at a reduced amount. If discharged on the day of surgery, only offer small amounts of food and water after 8pm. If your pet becomes sick to their stomach, discontinue food until the next morning.

Medications: If your pet has been sent home with medication, begin all medication the day of discharge unless otherwise directed. The directions of medications are printed on each bottle. Please observe recommendations for giving with food if stated.

Incision Care: Please check the incision daily. Some redness and swelling is a normal consequence of surgery and healing. However, if the incision becomes painful, opens or discharges pus or blood, please call the clinic for a recheck. DO NOT allow your pet to lick, chew, rub or pull at the incision. If this occurs, you must stop the behavior right away and begin using an elizabethan-collar. If you do not have an e-collar at home, please pick one up here as soon as possible.

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