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The Lyons Family

I have been a client at PVS since the early 90’s. My dog, Bear, was just a young guy then. Every time I would bring him in, they would make him feel like he was the only dog on earth in that moment. Because of PVS, Bear was with me until he was 16. He was a Black Lab/Golden Mix.

It is Sunday, July 15th 2007. Throughout the day, Bear started sending me signals that his body was failing him. I’m sure he had tried to tell me before that day, and maybe I just didn’t want to see. I took him out to his favorite eatery for lunch, and then we just spent the rest of the day at home resting. By 6pm, he was not showing any improvement so I had a decision to make – Bear looked in my eyes and told me, it was time for him to go.

I called Penobscot Vet and spoke with Dr. Tina. I took him over and the 3 of us sat in what looked like some kind of lab/surgery room. We just spoke for hours talking about Bear who lay on my lap. He would get a burst of energy and jump off my lap to walk around the room. I said, “See he is feeling better, I think we will just go home.” I was in fact being foolish and selfish, thinking of just my feelings. I finally left at 11pm and Tina continued to hang out with my baby until well after midnight. PVS was so kind to me throughout all my grief attacks and took care of him there for me rather than sending him to the emergency clinic. He now sits in a gold urn in my office, with me always.

Three weeks later, I adopted a 5 year old named Maggie from a Maine rescue; she was also a Black Lab/Golden Mix. She could have been Bear’s sister. Two days after bringing her home, she was limping pretty badly so I brought her in to Penobscot for a look see and they found out that she needed ACL Surgery on her left leg. Then a year goes by and we do the right leg also. To complicate things, we found out she has severe arthritis and she is only 6 years old. She had endured a lot of abuse before I came along and I was determined not to give up on her! In the 2 years I was blessed with this girl, she spent more time at PVS then she did with me – I loved her so, I would do anything, spend any amount of money to help her. It was not meant to be. I lost her Friday Nov 6th, 2009 to liver cancer. I was swimming in grief once again. It was really tough because I was still grieving over Bear.

Two days later, November 8th 2009, I decided to save another; just the therapy I so desperately needed. I found Marisa in Cullam, Alabama. A Black Lab mix, only 10 weeks old. I adopted her and was holding her in my arms November 21st 2009. I picked her up in Wells, Maine. She had come up on the transport. Three months later, I found out she was scheduled to die in a gas chamber that very day I adopted her!! PVS keeps my little lady healthy, I keep her happy!

July 31st 2010, Benjamin comes to town. He needs a home – Black Lab/Golden…umm see a pattern? Marisa welcomed him into our home with open paws.

April 8th 2012, I was checking out a social networking site and I stumbled on to Alec. 4 month Black Lab mix scheduled for the gas chamber on April 10th 2012 – now what?? Something about him, could not, would not let him die. I made one phone call and all of a sudden he was on his way here!!! Wow, since then it has been a whirlwind here. This house is so full of love I sometimes think it will burst at the seams. I am so lucky to have Penobscot Veterinary Services at my service!

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