Kim grew up in New Hampshire near Rochester and moved to Maine in 2009. She grew up with animals her entire life and decided to go into Veterinary medicine because of her love for animals. She graduated from UCB in 2016 and shortly after became a Licensed Veterinary Technician. She has one son named Keagan and lives with her boyfriend named Anthony. She has three dogs named Meegan a Lab mix, and 2 Dachshunds Chanel (she’s had Chanel for 14 years and she rules the house!) and Emma the newest edition to the household. Her favorite breed is Dachshunds especially long-haired ones. She has one cat named Smokey Jo who was her Grandmother’s.

Kim’s professional interest is doing dentals and she believes dental hygiene is very important. Outside of work her interests are hiking, 4-wheeling, going for walks with her dogs and family, and has loved working on cars with her Dad since she was 12.