We would like to announce the limited reopening of our building on August 4th, 2022. We are excited to return to a more personalized veterinary experience and thank you all for any offerings of patience and grace during these last couple years. It has sometimes been a challenge and we have missed working closely with you. Thank you for trusting the care of your beloved family members to our team. Please read the following information carefully to know how things will work moving forward:

  • Due to the size of our lobby, and limited ventilation in this building, our lobby will not be available as a waiting area. We will continue to use our parking lot as a waiting area.
  • Masks are optional for all clients and staff for all appointments.
  • You can check-in either by calling (947-6783) or walk into the lobby to check-in in person. If you check-in in person, please leave your pet(s) in the car. After checking-in we will have you wait in your car until we have a room ready. We are keeping our waiting room closed at this time. We will be discontinuing the use of the PVS cell phone!
  • For wellness exams, when we are ready for your appointment, a staff member will call and let you know to come in. They will be waiting for you near the front door, inside the building, and walk you to the exam room. There is a limit of two people in the building during the appointment. (Euthanasia appointments are excluded with this limit).
  • For comprehensive exams (i.e. sick patient exams) – we will call and collect history from you over the phone as we have been doing. Then we will bring the patient in the building to collect and run diagnostics. While diagnostics are running, we will bring your pet back to you while we wait for results. Once all results are ready for review, we will have you come into the building and go over all test results with the doctor.
  • All technician appointments will continue curbside.
  • The quickest way to get food or medication refills is to process payment over the phone, prior to pick up. This helps limit people in our lobby and expedites the process. Please continue to call 24 hours ahead for any medication refills so our staff have the time to get products ready for your pet.

We have had many clients share that they love curbside appointments. If this is something you wish to continue, please let us know when scheduling the appointment. We are always going to offer curbside appointments moving forward!

Thank you,

The PVS team